Priyam Chatterjee

Research Scientist

I joined Facebook in 2016 to pursue my interests in the intersection of computational photography, computer vision and machine learning. Previously I worked at Pelican Imaging Corp. developing efficient algorithms for multi-camera systems for mobile devices. I did my Phd from University of California, Santa Cruz following a M.Tech from IIT Bombay, India.


Computational Imaging, Computer Vision, and Deep Learning

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Latest Publications

ECCV - August 23, 2020

Burst Denoising via Temporally Shifted Wavelet Transforms

Xuejian Rong, Denis Demandolx, Kevin Matzen, Priyam Chatterjee, Yingli Tian

ICCV - August 12, 2019

Efficient Segmentation: Learning Downsampling Near Semantic Boundaries

Dmitrii Marin, Zijian He, Peter Vajda, Priyam Chatterjee, Sam Tsai, Fei Yang, Yuri Boykov

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