Abhijit Bose

Engineering Manager

I manage research engineering for the Facebook AI Research (FAIR) group and focus on large-scale graph embedding, integrity problems and distributed training. Prior to joining Facebook, I was the head of data science at JPMorgan Chase Digital. I also worked at Google, American Express, IBM Research and Bell Labs in various research and engineering leadership roles involving data, machine learning and analytics. I have a PhD in computer science from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor focusing on graph partitioning and machine learning, as well as a PhD in aerospace engineering and engineering mechanics from University of Texas at Austin focusing on high-performance computing.


Graph embeddings, distributed training, and integrity problems in feed (identification of misinformation, coordinated attacks, doctored images)

Latest Publications

SysML - April 1, 2019

PyTorch-BigGraph: A Large-scale Graph Embedding System

Adam Lerer, Ledell Wu, Jiajun Shen, Luca Wehrstedt, Abhijit Bose, Alex Peysakhovich