Fedor Borisyuk

Technical Leader & Engineering Manager

I am technical leader and manager of computer vision group in search driving innovation in visual understanding for Marketplace and Photo Search. My interests lie in using large amounts of weakly/noisy annotated image data to build a visual representation, modeling relationship between textual and image domain, visually similar recommendations, and building scalable user facing visual understanding systems. Prior to joining Facebook I worked in Microsoft and LinkedIn, and got my PhD from Lobachevsky Nizhny Novgorod State University. By building breakthrough computer vision technologies my group empowers several user facing image understanding systems.


Computer vision, search and recommendation systems

Latest Publications

SIGKDD - August 9, 2021

GrokNet: Unified Computer Vision Model Trunk and Embeddings For Commerce

Sean Bell, Yiqun Liu, Sami Alsheikh, Yina Tang, Ed Pizzi, M. Henning, Karun Singh, Omkar Parkhi, Fedor Borisyuk

SIGKDD - August 2, 2021

VisRel: Media Search at Scale

Fedor Borisyuk, Siddarth Malreddy, Jun Mei, Yiqun Liu, Xiaoyi Liu, Piyush Maheshwari, Anthony Bell, Kaushik Rangadurai

SIGKDD - August 2, 2021

Que2Search: Fast and Accurate Query and Document Understanding for Search at Facebook

Yiqun Liu, Kaushik Rangadurai, Yunzhong He, Siddarth Malreddy, Xunlong Gui, Xiaoyi Liu, Fedor Borisyuk

KDD - August 4, 2019

MSURU: Large Scale E-commerce Image Classification With Weakly Supervised Search Data

Yina Tang, Fedor Borisyuk, Siddarth Malreddy, Yixuan Li, Yiqun Liu, Sergey Kirshner

KDD 2018 - August 26, 2018

Rosetta: Large Scale System for Text Detection and Recognition in Images

Fedor Borisyuk, Albert Gordo, Viswanath Sivakumar