I am a Contingent UX Researcher on Protect & Care, which primarily aims to help people feel secure and cared for on Facebook. These efforts are reflected in my ongoing research at Arizona State University, where I’m currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Social Psychology with an emphasis in Cyberpsychology. Interpersonally, I study the impact of interpersonal electronic surveillance (i.e., Facebook stalking), cell phone attachment, and post-divorce social media use on happiness and subjective well-being around the world. In a more strictly computer-mediated realm, however, I use a game-theoretic approach to examine the persuasion tactics that leading hacker groups (e.g., Anonymous, Lulzsec) employ to recruit hacktivists in the name of legal, ethical, and moral objectives.


Cyberpsychology, social psychology, quantitative methods, human-computer interaction, security, identity, well-being