Jessica Bodford

Research Manager

I’m a Research Manager on Facebook’s Central Integrity team, which aims to minimize harmful experiences for people on Facebook. My Ph.D. in Social Psychology combines an educational background in Computer and Information Science with the interdisciplinary study of Cyberpsychology, or the application of social psychology to digitally mediated settings. My academic work has shed light on a human perspective of cybersecurity, investigating strategies to manipulate hacker decision-making through a game theoretic lens and to encourage everyday security behaviors in the face of online threat.
At Facebook, I support a team of researchers who focus on predicting and mitigating the online harms that stem from sociopolitical crises around the world. Our team triangulates attitudinal and behavioral signals to identify spikes in harmful content across the platform, assesses the risks of global events to recommend where we should focus our time and efforts, and tests solutions to minimize those risks to our users. As a passion project, I work with cross-functional partners to protect journalists from harassment, physical danger, and state-sponsored threat around the world.


Cyberpsychology, social psychology, quantitative methods, human-computer interaction, security, identity and well-being

Latest Publications

ICWSM - June 12, 2019

“I just want to feel safe”: A Diary Study of Safety Perceptions on Social Media

Elissa M. Redmiles, Jessica Bodford, Lindsay Blackwell