I am a mixed methods UX researcher on protect and care, which aims to help people feel secure and cared for on Facebook. Within that scope, I work on issues of account security, compromise, and perceived safety. These efforts are reflected in my academic research, which centers around hacking behaviors and on- and offline security sentiment. Findings from my doctoral dissertation suggest that feelings of threat generalize from digital domains into the physical, offline world, as well as the opposite: feelings of physical threat inform how safe you feel online.

At Facebook, I work with a cross-functional team to improve the broader security experience on Facebook.

For funsies, I use a game theoretic approach to study the persuasion tactics that leading hacktivist groups (e.g., Anonymous, Lulzsec) employ to recruit followers in the name of legal, ethical, and moral objectives.


Cyberpsychology, social psychology, quantitative methods, human-computer interaction, security, identity, well-being