Jessica Bodford

Research Manager

I am a research manager in Facebook’s Community Integrity group, which aims to protect people from negative experiences on our platform. I support a team of researchers dedicated to care and support: These individuals explore ways to connect our users to the answers they need on Help Center, investigate the means to improve our back-end support tools, and help people effectively report negative experiences to Facebook.

As a researcher, I examine issues of account security and perceived safety through a mixed methods (i.e., qualitative and quantitative) lens. These efforts are reflected in my academic research, which centers around hacking behaviors and on- and offline security sentiment. Here at Facebook, I work with cross-functional teams to improve the broader security and support experiences of the people who use our products.


Cyberpsychology, social psychology, quantitative methods, human-computer interaction, security, identity and well-being

Latest Publications

ICWSM - June 12, 2019

“I just want to feel safe”: A Diary Study of Safety Perceptions on Social Media

Elissa M. Redmiles, Jessica Bodford, Lindsay Blackwell