Tamara Berg

Research Scientist

I joined Facebook in January 2019 as a research scientist to work on computer vision related to people, fashion, and commerce. My broader research interests span a variety of areas in computer vision and natural language processing, including developing models aimed at understanding and combining multiple modalities.

I completed my PhD in computer science from the University of California, Berkeley in 2007, then worked as a research scientist at Yahoo! Research, and as a professor at Stony Brook University and UNC Chapel Hill (currently on leave). Most recently, I helped co-found Shopagon, a start-up focused on personalizing online shopping.


Words and pictures, fashion, visual recognition, commerce

Latest Publications

ECCV - August 21, 2020

Attention-Based Query Expansion Learning

Albert Gordo, Filip Radenovic, Tamara Berg

ICCV - October 27, 2019

IMP: Instance Mask Projection for High Accuracy Semantic Segmentation of Things

Cheng-Yang Fu, Tamara Berg, Alexander C. Berg