Michael Bailey

Research Scientist Manager

I am an economist who does research on how social networks impact our economic decision making, economic opportunities, and social mobility.


Economics of networks, peer effects, social mobility

Latest Publications

The Determinants of Social Connectedness in Europe

Michael Bailey, Drew Johnston, Theresa Kuchler, Dominic Russel, Bogdan State, Johannes Stroebel

SocInfo - September 22, 2020

Social Connectedness: Measurement, Determinants, and Effects

Michael Bailey, Rachel Cao, Theresa Kuchler, Johannes Stroebel, Arlene Wong

Journal of Economic Perspectives - November 7, 2018

House Price Beliefs and Mortgage Leverage Choice

Michael Bailey, Eduardo Dávila, Theresa Kuchler, Johannes Stroebel

NBER Summer Workshop 2017 - July 10, 2017

People and Cookies: Imperfect Treatment Assignment in Online Experiments

Dominic Coey, Michael Bailey

WWW 2016 - April 11, 2016

Social Networks and Housing Markets

Michael Bailey, Ruiqing Cao, Theresa Kuchler, Johannes Stroebel

SSRN - March 23, 2016