Computational Social Science

Neil Gaikwad is a doctoral student in the MIT Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He specializes in human-centered AI with a focus on socio-economic development. Neil develops human-AI collaboration algorithms and tools to study, model, and (re-) design just socio-technical systems, analyzing large-scale datasets emerging from social processes, Earth remote sensing satellites, and socio-economic interactions. Neil’s research is informed by experiences in academia, quantitative finance on Wall Street, and farming communities in the Western Ghats of India (Sahyadri). He holds a master’s degree from the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

Neil’s research harnesses computational, economic, and community-centered design thinking to provide real-world solutions to challenging wicked problems in crisis informatics, market design under weak institutions, just public policy design, and urban environmental planning. His current research seeks to decode the impact of the Earth’s physical processes on human societies and institutions. Drawing upon this understanding, he is designing and engineering more efficient and equitable precision agriculture markets to help small-scale farmers mitigate the impact of meteorological disasters and institutional failures. Neil’s research is part of the MIT Quest for Intelligence, an institute-wide initiative that aims to unlock the nature of intelligence and harness it to make a better world.

For more information about Neil Gaikwad’s research, publications, and art exhibitions, please visit his webpage.