We build the next generation of data systems that help connect the world

We build the next generation of data systems that help connect the world

Data is at the heart of Facebook. To allow people to connect with each other we need to store, process, and serve exabytes of data in a safe and secure manner. We innovate in areas such as data storage and indexing, query processing, data modeling, transaction processing, distributed systems, as well as novel approaches to privacy and security in data management.

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OSDI - November 4, 2020

The CacheLib Caching Engine: Design and Experiences at Scale

Benjamin Berg, Daniel S. Berger, Sara McAllister, Isaac Grosof, Sathya Gunasekar, Jimmy Lu, Michael Uhlar, Jim Carrig, Nathan Beckmann, Mor Harchol-Balter, Gregory G. Ganger

OSDI - November 4, 2020

FlightTracker: Consistency across Read-Optimized Online Stores at Facebook

Xiao Shi, Scott Pruett, Kevin Doherty, Jinyu Han, Dmitri Petrov, Jim Carrig, John Hugg, Nathan Bronson

WeCNLP - October 30, 2020

Neural Database Operator Model

James Thorne, Majid Yazdani, Marzieh Saeidi, Sebastian Riedel, Alon Halevy

arXiv - October 9, 2020

Weights and Methodology Brief for the COVID-19 Symptom Survey by University of Maryland and Carnegie Mellon University, in Partnership with Facebook

Neta Barkay, Curtiss Cobb, Roee Eilat, Tal Galili, Daniel Haimovich, Sarah LaRocca, Katherine Morris, Tal Sarig

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