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Blockchain and cryptoeconomics research at Facebook sits within Novi, a regulated financial company building for the Diem payment system. This research group supports the development of Novi products and pushes the state-of-the-art in blockchain and cryptoeconomic systems. The Novi Research team comprises research scientists, economists, and software engineers working across several interdisciplinary fields, including cryptography, programming languages, distributed systems, program verification, game theory, security, privacy, financial inclusion, economic development, macroeconomics, and market design.

About Novi

Facebook, through Novi, is committed to making money work better for everyone, everywhere. We are building products that will help people access financial services through Diem, a new global payment system built on innovative blockchain technology. We believe that it is as important as ever that financial systems are resilient, fast, inclusive, and upgradeable. For more information about Novi, see

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VLDB - July 31, 2021

CALYPSO: Private Data Management for Decentralized Ledgers

Eleftherios Kokoris-Kogias, Enis Ceyhun Alp, Linus Gasser, Philipp Jovanovic, Ewa Syta, Bryan Ford

CCS - November 3, 2020

Asynchronous Distributed Key Generation for Computationally Secure Randomness, Consensus, and Threshold Signatures

Lefteris Kokoris Kogias, Dahlia Malkhi, Alexander Spiegelman

AFT - November 1, 2020

FastPay: High-Performance Byzantine Fault Tolerant Settlement

Mathieu Baudet, George Danezis, Alberto Sonnino

AFT - October 23, 2020

Winkle: Foiling Long-Range Attacks in Proof-of-Stake Systems

Sarah Azouvi, George Danezis, Valeria Nikolaenko

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