October 17, 2016

Top Economists Meet to Collaborate and Share Ideas

By: Kelly Berschauer

The bi-annual National Association for Business Economists (NABE) Data/Tech MeetUp is being hosted at Facebook today. This gathering of chief and senior economists who span tech companies, government and top universities, provides an open, collaborative space to discuss and explore top trends in big data relating to business and economics, how teams handling such data in industry and academia are evolving tools, as well as generate ideas and research that may help to inform public policy.

Spurred by the growth in web-generated economics data and tools, more businesses are recognizing the value of hiring economists to help them better understand and improve the user experience of their products or services. “An economist brings a data mindset to a business problem, extracting insights that may not have been apparent without drilling into the data.” Said Michael Bailey, data science manager at Facebook. “Sharing experiences and insights with such a diverse group of economists at NABE MeetUps helps us all bring rigor and discipline to the field.”